Every person and business have a history that beautifully explains how they got to where they are now and we are no different.

So here is our, Once upon a time story:

It all started 24 years ago with Maria (co-owner of M&M Empanadas Corp). She was on her last $20 bill trying to find away to provide for her two daughters when she noticed there was a construction site near her apartment in the Bronx. As she walked and looked at them she saw that some people would deliver food for them as there were no near restaurants by. She taught to herself, if I could try and make a meal maybe they would be willing to buy. It will be home style food and will give them the energy to work and order less fast food. So with the last $20 in her pocket she bought a bag of rice, several cans of beans, and some meat. She then started to sell her homemade food to construction workers. After some time she gained so much popularity and with her second job as a CNA was able to invest in a small Hot Dog Cart. That small Hot Dog Cart then became a Food truck.

Our family began to sell food in New York until 2004 when we all moved to Hazleton, PA. We started to sell in our very own Hot Dog Cart which had helped us all the years prior. With passing years our family was able to purchase Food Truck called Maria’s Hot Dog & Chimi which is still posted to this day on Tamarack and N Wyoming st. We were able to open Manuel’s Empanadas in honor of our other Co-owner Manuel. We have all been apart of this journey for years and we still strive to keep growing and providing the best quality service to our clients. We hope to keep exciding your expectations as you walk this journey with us. Clients will taste memories and an welcoming environment.

Please stop by and get to know us more!

Manuel & Maria, Owners